The Tragic Street Preachers

In February 1995, the public were told that Richey Edwards of the Welsh rock band The Manic Street Preachers had gone missing. In today's show Richard explores the claim that he is "missing" and attempts to piece together the evidence. It becomes clear that he is probably not missing and has never been missing. With the help of Richey Edwards former best friend, we explore the circumstances of the claimed disappearance, and the seedy world of the music industry. How did Richey Edwards get his band signed when he could not even play the guitar? Why would a PR company put money into a band that had hardly played any gigs and sounded like a Clash copy band? Why were four 21 year olds given a record deal? and why after receiving the deal, did they start singing about self harm, pain, apathy, disease, slavery, despair, prostitution and wanting to die? The Manic Street Preachers are a tragedy on many levels, and if you are a fan I suggest you carefully read the lyrics of their early songs and ask yourself what are the songs really about. What was the real reason Edwards was made to become "no longer visible to a public audience"? Richard D. Hall investigates.