Spying on the Spooks

Richard is joined by author and researcher Dr Larry O'Hara who runs the magazine Notes from the Borderland. Over the years they have investigated and researched para-political issues with a very critical eye. It's not widely known that UK fringe political activity has been and continues to be heavily infiltrated by UK intelligence agencies. The purpose of such infiltration is difficult to pin down, and O'Hara seeks to expose it and explain it. His work is not an all encompassing publication seeking to cover every political issue, but instead hones in on specific cases and gets deeper into each case than any other investigate outfit. NFB are very critical of mainstream newspapers, and of Searchlight magazine which NFB has demonstrated comprehensively is an intelligence front. NFB are also critical of conspiracy theorists! NFB have clashed with conspiracy theorists on occasions and refer to the UK 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements as cults. Richplanet is not in agreement on every issued covered by NFB, but Richard could not let that get in the way of bringing some very valuable and insightful research to wider public attention.