Puppets, Middle East & 9/11 Analysis

Three separate segments to this weeks show. In part one I give opinion on recent news items. The case of an airman going missing from Bury St Edmonds can be brought into context by considering how many servicemen go AWOL every year. Over 2,000 servicemen desert their jobs annually, so why has this one achieved so much media coverage, when the other 1,999 do not get mentioned? Is there a reason why this one missing serviceman case has been highlighted out of thousands of others? Could it be something to do with the wholly un-evidenced claims of an attempted abduction at RAF Marham some weeks earlier? ALSO – Richplanet was this week contacted by a convicted terrorist – watch part one to find out more! In part 2 I discuss more on Middle East power and in the final part, an updated 3D Analysis of 9/11 video evidence.